Business Resources

Polk County is an ideal place to start a new business venture. Through the internet it is possible to reach a global market and take a wilderness hike, ride a bike through the mountains on world class trails or catch the last flow of the Ocoee River on summer afternoons. Local lenders are used to dealing with “new ideas” and there are resource agencies already in place to help you realize your vision.  

Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator
“Developing the Future”
Starting a new business is always a risky proposition.  Let the Cleveland/Bradley Business Center help you minimize the risk by offering your business some of the latest innovations in business technology, and an affordable space for your business to grow.

Contact Hurley Buff, Director;  423.478.6476 e-mail:

Small Business Development Center
“Economic Development through Counseling and Education”
The small business development center acts as a personal counselor to help you deal with the issues of starting, growing and managing your business – at no cost to you.

The small business development center expertise is available to help develop business plans, find sources of capital, and manage your business.
Phone: 423.478.6247 e-mail:

Social Security Resource Center
“Your Guide to All Things Social Security” 
It’s not a stretch to say retired workers are extremely important to the business community. Data shows that 61% of retired workers count on their Social Security benefits to comprise at least half of their monthly income. Retirees, more than any other generation, put these funds directly back into the local economy by supporting local businesses. The Social Security Resource Center was made to make sure they’re able to access their benefits easily.