Climbing and bouldering are longtime favorite activities for folks in the Ocoee Region, but the sport has grown widely popular in recent years. Remember to exercise caution on the steep bluffs.

Wilderness Climbs:

Star Mountain
Located 2 miles past Gee Creek Campground on Spring Creek Rd. near the Hiwassee River

For more wilderness rock climbing in the region, try Eagles Nest and Sunset Rock climbs located on Lookout Mountain, or Edwards Point on Signal Mountain near Chattanooga.

Climbing Facilities

Outdoor Adventure Rafting
629 Welcome Valley Road
Benton, TN 37307
Climbing tower perfect for a fun afternoon or challenging team-building session.

Regional Climbing Facilities

Adventure Guild, Inc
Chattanooga, TN

High Point Climbing & Fitness
Chattanooga, TN

Tennessee Bouldering Authority (TBA)
Chattanooga, TN