Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Polk County is rich in natural beauty and steeped in cultural heritage. Recreation opportunities are abundant here, as three Tennessee rivers weave ever so gracefully through the land.

Old-fashioned Southern hospitality can be found everywhere in Polk County, on the streets of our small towns, in restaurants and shops, at the lake and on the trails. The Appalachian spirit is ever present.

We don’t have the latest amusement park ride, but we do have “heart-thundering-out-of-your-chest” adventure. We have the child-like excitement you only experience on a train excursion.  We have that feeling of freedom you get when gliding (or zipping!) through the air. We also have quiet, quiet like you’ve never heard before quiet…the “get-lost-and-find-yourself- again” quiet you can only find when you get away from the stop lights and neon signs. This breathtaking area provides something for everyone, no matter what the season. If you seek high adventure or the solitude of nature, opportunities abound.

Polk County, Tennessee is the home of the Ocoee River- THE most exciting whitewater river in the eastern United States. It's also the Gateway to the Cherokee National Forest, a favorite for hunters and fishermen, as well as campers, families, mountain bikers and photographers.

Train lovers and kids of all ages will enjoy the Hiwassee River Rail Adventure, a trip that will take you to the top of the famous "Hiwassee Loop" where the tracks cross over themselves as they corkscrew up a mountain.

History buffs will delight in museums, historic sites, Civil War history and Cherokee heritage. Antique hunters and collectors will be right at home in our shops and galleries. Our southern Appalachian music and art will nourish your soul.

Whether you choose to stay in a cabin, inn, bed & breakfast, or campground you will experience true Southern Hospitality, and leave feeling like family, with memories you replay again and again.

Explore Polk County and see what we have to offer: