Conasauga River Snorkel

Join the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute and the Tennessee Aquarium  for a fun day snorkeling the Conasauga River! River snorkeling is an excellent way to showcase the high biodiversity of the Southeast.

The streams on the Cherokee National Forest have an extraordinarily diverse assemblage of fish. In the clear waters of the snorkeling sites, it is typical to see 15 to 20 species of fish on any given day. Freshwater drum as large as 6 pounds swim in schools in the deep pools; sporting fish, such as bass and bream, are seen in their natural habitats. Colorful darters and shiners may be seen spawning and feeding. Several thousand fish will be present on any given day. The experience is like swimming in an aquarium full of fish. Turtles, tadpoles and salamanders are also usually present in the snorkeling hole.

Participants must be at least 12 years old. Cost is $25. Tickets can be purchased here.