4 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Ocoee Country

We know this beautiful, mild southeast Tennessee weather has everyone itching to get outside- especially the kids. We also know Polk County is the perfect place for adventure, so here is a list of four fun (and inexpensive!) things to do with your kids this weekend:

  • Visit a park- Let the kids conquer the new playground at Sugarloaf Mountain Park while you tackle the workout equipment installed along the walking path. For even more fun, take a picnic and enjoy lunch by the river.   Added bonus: Interpretive displays give a fun history lesson on the Ocoee Dam system. *Located 2002 Hwy 64, Benton, TN 37307
  • Hits the trails – Whether on a mountain bike or on foot, your kids will definitely have a great time on the Tanasi Trail system at the Ocoee Whitewater Center. This popular recreation area has miles of trails to fit every skill level, so no fancy get-up required! The Center itself is closed until April, but the trails and recreational use areas are open. *Located at 4400 Highway 64, Copperhill, TN 37317
  • Get a history lesson- Visit the Ducktown Basin Museum to learn 150 years of history in about an hour. The Great Copper Basin used to look dramatically different, so different in fact, that it was one of the few easily recognizable landmarks from space. Take the tour and find out why! Also on site is the collapsed and flooded Burra Burra Mine. *Located at 212 Burra Burra Street, Ducktown, Tennessee 37326
  • Set a hook- That’s right, our fishing is good year round! Head over to the Hiwassee River for some world class trout fishing or try your luck on Lake Ocoee. If you decide on the Hiwassee, be sure to stop in Reliance Fly & Tackle for a bite to eat, though!


When the weather warms a little more and the Ocoee River is dotted with rafts again (only 4 weeks!) we’ll give you some more great ideas for epic adventures with your kids.  In the meantime… just get outside!

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